Why I chose to become an IHCD Technician

about 5 years ago by Rachel Schacter

Emergency Ambulance Technician

When Thomas chose to become an IHCD Technician, he had no idea how much his view on the emergency services would change.

What made you want to take on an IHCD Technician job?

I chose to become an Emergency Ambulance Technician because I wanted a job with fulfilment. In my previous job, it just felt like a daily grind that never changes, whereas this job is dynamic and varied. No two calls are ever the same.

What does an IHCD Technician do?

Every time I am dispatched, I get to do something different and have a chance to actually do something good and help someone. Sometimes you need to help by delivering life-saving interventions, but it can also be as simple as helping an elderly person who has fallen down and making her a cup of tea after. In this job, I am able to make a significant difference to someone’s everyday life.

How can an Emergency Ambulance Technician progress?

I am currently working at the level of IHCD Technician; however, I am about to undertake training via my employer to become a HCPC Registered Paramedic.

There are various skill levels in this line of work but everyone, regardless of skill level or training, is trained to deliver life-saving care and pre-hospital treatment.

What do you like about your role?

I love this job and how much opportunity there is to grow and develop. The person I am now is completely different to who I was 5 years ago and it’s for the better. The personal development I have had has been an immeasurable experience. The clinical knowledge and education I have been given are fantastic and there is always something new to learn. Medicine is ever-changing and as new research is carried out, we have a chance to learn.

Why should someone consider an Emergency Ambulance Technician job?

This job gives you a chance to do things that are simply incredible. The difference and impact you can make on someone’s life is something very special and unique. You can bring light to someone’s darkest hour. I will never be able to do another job after this. This is my life now and I am happy about that!

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