How We Support Our Clients

With our workforce solutions, you can safely meet every spike in patient demand and every gap in employee cover.  Also, the range and quality of our services have the power to improve workforce management across your whole organisation. 

You will improve patient care and outcomes, support your workforce with high-quality clinicians and increase productivity with our suite of services:

  • Contingent Workforce - scale your workforce
  • Enhanced Bank - streamline and optimise your bank of employees
  • Vendor Management - take control of your vendors
  • Outsourced Recruitment Process - ease the burden of recruitment 
  • Train and Deploy - solve the skills shortage and build a pipeline of talent 

Our service offerings are designed to work both independently and in unison.

Who we Support

Whether you require specialist Paramedics with extended clinical skills or ambulance care assistant, we can supply you with fully-qualified, screened and compliant ambulance professionals. We provide NHS Ambulance Trusts, Acute hospitals and private ambulance services.  

Contingent Workforce: Reliable and Flexible 

To meet fluctuations in demand, you need your workforce to be both flexible and high quality. Of course, a large bank of permanent employees would be your first choice, but running an in-house bank has many hidden costs associated. Our bank of agile ambulance professionals can work alongside your clinical workforce to help patients and improve performance and productivity.

You can be 100% confident of the quality and consistency of the professionals we provide because our selection and screening process comply with that of the best NHS trusts. And with a bank of over 3,000 professionals across all disciplines, we'll always have someone who is qualified and available for you.

Our level of standards and clinical governance is at such a high level that we are licensed to provide you with a flexible workforce through two NHS frameworks:

  • NHS Collaborative Procurement Partnership: National framework agreement; and for the supply of clinical staff;
  • HealthTrust Europe: Total Workforce Solutions 2016

Enhanced Bank: Optimise your workforce

The benefits you’ll gain from our bank go beyond simply having a system for booking shifts; instead, you’ll acquire an integrated service that recruits and develops a flexible workforce.

Also, because we plan and invest in our bank, it will be filled with workers that have the qualifications, skills and compliance your Trust needs, which will help reduce time and spend with private providers.

Running an effective bank also requires dedicated systems and processes. Our systems will maximise your internal bank through clear, reliable rostering and real-time reporting. This powerful and straightforward technology will help your operational teams improve employee engagement and reduce your reliance on external resources. 

Vendor Management: Maximise Staffing Suppliers 

Managing many suppliers can be, risky, unwieldily and complicated. We can help you manage your vendors in a way that will deliver the highest standards at the lowest costs. Our service will cover the full lifecycle of your vendors, from identification and assessment through to ongoing appraisal and benchmarking of performance. 

Outsourcing Processes: 

Recruitment is a time consuming and risky process that is conducted by busy managers with varying degrees of recruitment skill. 

You can safely outsource the whole problem to us. We are experts in the entire recruitment cycle; the steps we can manage for you:

  • Search and screen candidates from our comprehensive pool

  • Conduct rigorous interview and assessment sessions

  • Perform competency gap analysis with reports and recommendations

We can save your managers three hours per position with our outsourced support.

Train and Deploy

The whole sector is facing ongoing shortages of talent, with many areas reporting shortfalls of 20%+. And with the latest government announcements on the NHS and Brexit, many more home-grown Medics are required. Through our training partnership, we can help you build a solid pipeline of talent to match your strategic plans. 

To ensure your newly qualified medics are a success, we tailor their training to your organisation’s needs and support them with mentoring up until they on-board with you.