We supply qualified and committed pre-hospital care professionals​

What is our purpose?

Medic Now is a recruitment agency specialising in ambulance professionals. Essentially, we enable these individuals to work on a flexible, locum basis within the ambulance sector. We support NHS Trusts and private sector organisations' with their staffing shortfalls by supplying a committed and qualified bank of professional's. As a Medic Now ambulance professional you have the opportunity to work for a number of clients within a variety of settings throughout the UK. 

Medic Now operates a policy of transparency, honesty and clinical excellence so when you work with us, you are safe in the knowledge that you are engaging with a specialist and experienced recruitment partner that you can rely on.

Medic Now provides comprehensive workforce solutions to the Emergency Medical Services sector

Our service offering is guided by our value proposition. We remain committed to providing well-trained ambulance professionals on both temporary and permanent contracts to the NHS and wider healthcare sector.

Our background

Ambulance Services’ greatest challenge throughout recent years has been to improve efficiency in their resourcing while managing demand in a different way. Trusts and private organisations are increasingly concentrating efforts to reduce the level of additional working required by developing a more flexible workforce that is safe, efficient and productive.

Medic Now is committed to changing mind-sets and pioneering temporary recruitment as a flexible and cost-effective solution within the ambulance sector. We are creating new, innovative ways of responding to fluctuations in demand by supplying first class ambulance professionals.


Working for MedicNow is nothing but a pleasure. It's fantastic to be part of a well-run and efficient agency that look after their staff and uphold a smart and professional image to all of their clients. Always being paid on time, well planned shifts, treated with respect and being supported at all times makes me recommend MedicNow as an employer to any Paramedic. 

Tobes Hurds

HCPC Paramedic

 Since joining MedicNow I have been bowled over by the friendliness of staff and how the staff go out of their way to sort out problems and finding work for staff. I would also add that pay is always on time and you dont have to wait a month in arrears to receive your pay. So its a big thumbs up and a huge big thank you to the staff and MedicNow. 

Terry Eleftheriou


 I am pleased to say that my experience with MedicNow has only been a positive one, though my encounter with them was not long term, all the same I would happily recommend them to others looking for Bank or longer term stable jobs. The staff who work there are friendly sensible and reliable, not once was my pay wrong nor was it ever late, and any questions I had were answered immediately if not the next day. even after taking employment through one of the new career paths that was shown to me by Medicnow they still continue to offer multiple avenues of work which simply shows there dedication and commitment to each employee. 

Anthony Goodwin

HCPC Registered Paramedic