Five Reasons Why Katie Price Will Make A Great Paramedic

almost 7 years ago


In case you missed the news, Katie Price is considering a career change: she wants to train as a paramedic. Has she got what it takes? Well, maybe. Here’s why...

  1. Katie’s got five kids, which makes her a solid multi-tasker. Being a mother – let alone to five children – means she’s used to juggling different needs and most of all, remaining calm under pressure. She’ll already be a dab hand at first aid for minor cuts and bruises, which will stand her in good stead for her paramedic training.

  2. Katie is a fantastic businesswoman.  She has an estimated net worth of £45 million - yep, £45M - so she’s done something right during the course of her career. She is a successful model, TV presenter, author, in-demand public speaker and has launched her own perfume, lingerie and equestrian clothing ranges. She’s even tried her hand at singing (anyone remember Eurovision 2005?), not her strongest suit but further proof that she’s not afraid to push herself forward, even if it’s not to everyone’s liking. That kind of confidence goes a long way, and in the world of paramedicine, confidence and a self-assured manner are essential.

  3. Katie is used to taking abuse. She’s definitely a Marmite option, but love her or hate her she knows how to take it on the chin and come up fighting. Perfect skills for a career as a paramedic.

  4. Katie is no stranger to medical procedures. She’s well known to have undergone various surgeries and treatments during her lifetime, and is happy to talk openly about them. A bit of background knowledge will help her when she starts her paramedic training.

  5. Perhaps one of the most important qualities for people looking for a career as a paramedic, Katie seems like a she would be a good laugh. She’s had an interesting life and would have a few stories to tell... which would no doubt while away the time between callouts.

So, haters gonna hate, but personally, I think Katie Price could make a great paramedic. As a workforce, we’re diverse, open-minded, strong-willed, competent and professional. Like so many people out there, Katie could contribute a lot to the profession. Bring it on.