#MedChat Topics

about 7 years ago


​Can you believe it’s been nearly two years since we started #MedChat, our weekly tweetchat? We’ve come a long way, thanks to the support of the ambulance community of Twitter who tune in every Thursday night at 8pm to discuss one topic or another. With that in mind, we’ve been looking back over the topics we’ve already covered… perhaps it’s time to revisit some?

If you have any topic suggestions, drop me a line or send us a tweet @medicnow.

The use of collars

Adrenaline Trial

HEMS use of social media

Should paramedics be allowed to prescribe?

How did your ambulance service cope with the heatwave?

The Airways-2 Trial

Will there ever be a role for 'ambulance drones'?

Apps - which ones do you use on your shift?

Continuing Professional Development.


Violence towards ambulance staff.

Paramedics' and GP roles

IV paracetamol and sepsis/temp control.

Feedback and reflection.

Clinical advice - where do you get it and how do you use it?

What's the best/ worst thing about being a paramedic?

What pain relief would you give for abdominal pain?

What can we learn - clinically and non-clinically - from today's #StudentParamedics?

The future of paramedicine

'Stay and play' or 'Scoop and run'?

The new Resus Council guidelines

Legal highs

Should ambulances carry blood?

Should firefighters respond to medical emergencies?

Meal breaks and emergencies.

Should skill sets be standardised?

Should paramedics be offered bursaries?

Conveyance decisions in alcohol intoxication

Christmas Quiz.

Paramedic Prescribing: where do we go from here?

Ideas, inventions and innovations for prehospital patient care.

Community paramedics and prehospital care

Shared control rooms

Emergency department admissions and how to avoid them

Paramedic Ultrasound in Cardiac Arrest

Questions to Martin Berry, CoP


CPD and social media

Cervical collars


How important is your professional appearance?


Trauma trees


Support for student paramedics

Staff grades and the Agenda for Change

Staff mental health

What should response bags contain?

Pain management

CFRs: training, funding, skills & bills

How would our ambulance services cope with a #zombie outbreak?

Late finishes

Event and festival medicine


Personal safety, protection and risk

Would you - could you - work abroad?

How can we encourage the public to carry out first aid?

Your health and fitness as ambulance workers

How should we measure success in the ambulance service?

Critical haemorrhages

End of Life Care

Hospital transfers

Detecting and managing cardiac problems

4 Frontline scenarios

What’s the best path for mental health patients?

Are frontline TV shows giving the full picture?

Open forum for student paramedics

Are you ever off duty?

Should ambulance staff perform blood tests?

What more can the public learn from the ambulance service?

Orthopaedic injuries



Social media and the emergency services



Six tricky situations

Christmas Quiz

Misuse of the ambulance service

Arrhythmia management

What clinical examination findings change management plans?

GP Urgents and HCP ambo calls.

Trauma Scenarios


Band 6 Upgrade for Paras

Drugs and therapeutics in hospital avoidance

PEA in cardiac arrest

Paras and student paras undertaking hospital / theatre placements

More paediatrics!

'Right care, right place': what's the role of the ambulance service?

Paediatric Cardiac Arrest

Mental capacity

Urgent vs Emergency Care

ECG 101