ECG Interpretation on #MedChat

almost 7 years ago


Thanks to the @PreHospECG team for supplying the questions for this week's #MedChat special on ECG interpretation.

If you missed it, sloped off half-way through, or just want to use these questions for your own purposes, here they are -

Q1 - What do you find most challenging about ECG interpretation and why?

Q2 - What useful resources and/or techniques have helped you to learn and develop your ECG interpretation skills?

Q3 - Is putting the electrodes in the correct anatomical locations important? Does deviation alter the ECG tracing?

Q4 - Why is a stepwise approach to assessing every ECG important? Do you always do this?

Q5 - Is it true that you cannot interpret an ECG for signs of acute MI in the presence of a LBBB or paced rhythm?

Q6 - Atrial Flutter is the most commonly misdiagnosed arrhythmia, what techniques help you to identify it?

Q7 - Are you aware of the modified valsalva (revert) technique for terminating SVT? Have you tried this in practice with any success?

Q8 - Is interpretation of lead aVR useful in an ACS patient?

Q9 - Do you know the difference between pseudo PEA and true PEA? Why is this important in cardiac arrest management?

Q10 - On what patients would you seek to carry out a V4R view and why?

Q11 - Do you feel your ECG training (whether that is derived from IHCD, HE or Trust/employer training) is sufficient to interpret the wide spectrum of ECG presentations?

Once again, thanks to Jonny, JP, Allan and Phil for helping out.

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