Feeling Stoked About Our Next Assessment Day

almost 8 years ago


If you’re thinking about joining Medic Now as part of a PTS team, or as an ECA, Technician or Paramedic, then our assessment days are a great opportunity to meet the team, ask questions and make sure that working for us will work for you.

Join us for our next assessment day at Keele University on the 20th of September.

If you are keen to find out ways that your career might benefit from additional freelance work, then it would be great to meet you. We’ll be at Keele Hall, in Keele University from nine to five on the 20th. Come along, ask questions of our clinical team, meet other people working as locums for Medic Now, have a cup of tea, pick up some freebies….

Operating in the paramedic sector of the healthcare recruitment industry, we are often asked what becoming an agency worker involves. So we would like to shed some light on how being part of a contingent workforce differs to permanent employment. 

Faster employment, better networks

Well trusted agencies will be the first to find out when new roles become available – which you will have first access to if you’re on our books. Therefore, having an agency fight your corner for you can be a far quicker, and simplified, way of being employed. 

Work in undiscovered roles

Working for an agency opens you up to opportunities that you wouldn’t have found before. In many cases, NHS Trusts and private operators assign paramedic vacancies exclusively to a specific agency. 

Greater flexibility

As a temporary worker, you will be able have a greater say in when you can work and when you can holiday. As they are not bound by a permanent contract of employment, many agency workers choose to holiday in-between assignments for periods that extend beyond that available to permanent employees. You will also be in a position to negotiate weekly hours that suit you, instead of a more rigid working contract established by a permanent employer.

Whilst this seems appealing to a lot of the paramedics that we speak to, as a temporary contractor, you will need to make yourself readily available for assignments to avoid causing the agency any problems. We might need to recruit you for new opportunities at short notice. Agency working is flexible, but to establish a good working relationship with your agency, you will have to be flexible too. Working as one whole is crucial for everyone involved.

Employment rights issues: it’s a myth

It is one of the great employment myths that temporary workers suffer from inferior rights to that of permanent employers. As of 2011, the British government gave greater rights to temporary workers, effectively mirroring the rights of employees in permanent positions, including: paid holidays, paid at the least the minimum wage, not to have unlawful deductions made from wages, and parental leave. 

If you are thinking of joining us for our next assessment day in Stoke on the 20th September - even if it’s just to pop in and meet the team - drop us a line to let us know you’re coming. Thanks!