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almost 8 years ago


The recent heatwave has caused mounting pressure for A&E departments across the country. Medic Now specialises in deploying ambulance professionals across the emergency and urgent care settings. We're encouraging hospitals to look at integrating our Hospital Ambulance Liaison Officers (HALO) into their Emergency Department workforce to support patient care, especially during these busy times.

Case Study

At the end of 2014, a Foundation Trust hospital in the South East of England was seeing just 79% of patients within the government’s four-hour target time. The following January, Medic Now supplied paramedics to reduce handover delays and the percentage of patients waiting four hours or more in ED.

Against continuing demand pressures which saw a rise in admissions by 55% from September 2014 to March 2015, our support reduced the number of patients spending more than twelve hours from 'decision to admit' to admission by 83%.

Between April and June of last year, an average of 92.9% patients were seen with the government’s four-hour target time.

Why deploy paramedics in A&E?

From check-in, our HALO staff can treat and stream patients at your unit’s front door or a managed ambulance staging area to reducing handover delays.

We can assist with triage and assess urgency, delivering on-the-spot emergency care across a range of support skills from cannulation and venepuncture to resuscitation, ECG interpretation, FAST scans and major and minor injury treatment.

We can monitor outcomes, transfer patients between areas and wards, free up substantive ED staff and ultimately reduce patient waiting times.

If you're looking for support in your A&E department, Medic Now can help.

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