Medic Now's New Driver Training Unit

over 8 years ago

F Bnames

​On Thursday, we took delivery of our brand new Driver Training Unit - isn't it beautiful? It's a LWB Fiat Ducato Crew Cab, fully-fitted out with a state-of-the-art mobile clinical assesment centre.

We'll be using it for driver assessments for all our new recruits and for driving courses in the new year.

We also decided it needed a name and asked our friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter for their best suggestions.

While some simply chose names they liked - Molly, Billy, Vinny, Freddie, Keith, Doris - others gave it some serious consideration, suggesting 'Apollo' and 'Asclepius' after the Greek gods of medicine and healing; 'Paris', to commemorate those who lost their lives in last month's terrorist attack; 'Larrey', to honour Dominique Larrey, the founder of paramedicine during the Napoleonic wars, and 'Douglas', after Professor Douglas Chamberlain, father of the paramedic service in Europe.

Our favourite of all however, came from Neil Thompson who suggested 'Ian' after Ian Jeffs, founder of Roadcraft Driver Training Limited who sadly passed away in 2012.

Ian was one of the country's youngest and most qualified specialist driver trainers and he worked with several NHS ambulance services, fire brigades and police driving schools. At Medic Now, we still use Roadcraft ERT to deliver both emergency response and medical training to all our ambulance professionals.

Thanks for all your suggestions for names - there were so many great ideas - but we could only choose one. Here's to Ian!