London: Being a Paramedic in the City

almost 9 years ago


London has built itself as a city that many look to as the place to visit and even live in the UK for its fast-paced atmosphere and famous sites that make it such an iconic place. But beneath all of that, as a professional working in and around the city’s streets, there would be a different story to tell and a very disparate comparison between a tourist’s perspective to a London Paramedic’s standpoint.

Although the situations, emotions and scenarios that Paramedics undergo - regardless of where they are working - are testing, when location does come into the picture, London is the place where trouble sparks most frequently and stresses arise most dramatically for those professional’s being the first point of contact at the city’s variety of high-pressured incidents.

Sadly, many stories have been brought to the surface this year regarding the attacks on London Paramedic’s and generally what they encounter, and in fact suffer, on a day to day basis. Ambulance services such as London Ambulance Service will not visit certain homes now without having assistance from the police due to threats and physical violence placed upon them. It goes without saying that the professional’s within the emergency services should not have to endure this, never mind the fact that it is almost accepted on the job to be a regular occurrence. But unfortunately, it happens, and it’s a desolate contributing factor to the number of Paramedics leaving the Trust at present.

London is no doubt an exciting place for an ambulance professional to work, but naturally it now comes with its destructions. We hope that by offering Paramedics the opportunity to still work in London but on a flexible basis, opting for the days and hours most fitting for them, they may remain more content in their profession if they wish to pursue their career with the varied assignments and frontline experience in the Capital today. 

You can see more details on, and apply to, our current London Paramedic jobs here.