Your internal staff bank can play a fundamental role in reducing overtime and agency costs; therefore, it is crucial they are managed efficiently. The scale of your bank operation may range from a handful of staff managed on spreadsheets to a vast and active team. 

We give you the tools and resources required to manage your bank effectively. Our precise and reliable rostering; instant alerts to schedulers and bank staff; and detailed MI and reporting puts you firmly in control. 

Our software will improve communications between units, drive up worker engagement, and reduce costs. Also, seamless and secure timesheet approval and payroll processing ensure your bank staff are paid correctly and on time. Considerable savings are delivered by increasing worker utilisation and cutting down admin. By using your internal bank more efficiently, you’ll reduce the need for expensive overtime and agency staff. 

Furthermore, real-time reporting gives you alerts and the insight you need to plan your contingent staffing levels, set budgets, and inform recruitment decisions within your department. 

For impartial advice on the benefits of outsourcing your internal bank, read the NHS White Paper.       

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