As a leader within the private ambulance community, you share many of the workforce challenges of your partners across NHS ambulance trusts. 

In addition to the common challenges of recruiting and retaining a skilled workforce, new contracts often require you to deploy resources quickly. Medicnow can help you overcome all of these issues comfortably because no matter what volume or time-frame, we can coordinate and deliver staff to you quickly.

As you know, the cure for client demands constantly changing, are banks of flexible part-time staff. But the coordination of compliance-cleared staff is time consuming and expensive.  

Medicnow saves you time and money by providing a bank-management service that frees you up to focus on service delivery, clinical excellence and growing your business. By helping you to utilise your bank more effectively, you will unlock extra capacity. Also, we can deploy our own locums to fill any gaps that remain. 

We leverage the latest technology and industry-leading compliance processes to ensure your team is always ready, responsive and auditable at all times. Our systems support dozens of frontline organisations, and thousands of staff-hours' rostering each week.

We can provide you with a scalable and reliable service because we have a bank of over 1000 ambulance staff that we manage through our powerful, simple and secure software. 

You gain two main benefits by outsourcing to us. First, you will reduce the costs of your recruitment and HR teams. Secondly, you’ll maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of your medics because they’ll always be at the right place at the right time.


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