As a Director of Operations, you want your A&E department to be running as smoothly and efficiently as possible to limit patient waiting times. Delays created by the hand-over between ambulance crews and A&E teams are stressful on your staff and patients. Plus, delays can incur severe penalties, which impact your budget and performance records. 

Naturally, with the number of attendances going up while there’s the current shortage of A&E staff, the problem is only increasing. 

We provide a solution that unblocks the delays, improves hand-over times and helps you move patients out of A&E (into wards or home) promptly and efficiently.   

As the UK’s leading provider of ambulance professionals, our dedicated teams provide round the clock support. Ambulance professionals are highly productive in A&E departments because they can assist with triage to assess urgency, and they can deliver on-the-spot emergency care across a range of support skills. 

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Medicnow stats 

  • We have enabled hospital trusts to save over 10,000 hours of handover delays
  • We have supported hospitals nationwide including in Kent, Yorkshire and Devon
  • We have helped turn some of the worst performing departments into the most efficient
  • We have a bank of 1000 qualified ambulance professionals ready for you, which available 24/7


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