Shift Cancellation and Timekeeping

We expect all Medic Now workers to be punctual at all times. Repeated lateness will not be tolerated, and we operate a strict policy around punctuality and repeated last- minute cancellations. We will, however, be accommodating in exceptional circumstances.

If you find yourself running late, you must contact your consultant immediately. You will be asked to give an estimated arrival time, so that we can inform the client on when to expect you.

If you find that you are unable to attend a booked shift, you must contact your consultant as soon as possible. You are required to give at least 24 hours’ notice, so we can look to cover your shift and avoid letting down the client.

Consistent late cancellations/pulling out of shifts will not be tolerated, as it can have a big impact on patient care in a healthcare setting and on our reputation as a recruitment agency. Once you have accepted a shift, you are committed to attending and completing it. Failure to honour your commitment without just cause may result in the ability not to offer you work with Medic Now.

Under no circumstances should you send another person in your place.

If you know of another healthcare worker who is qualified and willing to provide cover for your shift, please advise them to contact Medic Now.